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Guestbook for Chuck Black Photography
Francesco Sinibaldi(non-registered)
Dans le vent...

Un sourire
candide comme
l'aube d'une
pensée qui
revient avec

Francesco Sinibaldi
James Ramsay(non-registered)
Saw your images on a phone case collection, and came across this. Needless to say, it's some pretty stunning work.
Jay Hogfeldt(non-registered)
Discovered on Facbook Checkin. Did not know we had such talent on our block. Nice work.
Genie Bubb(non-registered)
Seeing the pictures made me feel like I was there again. This was my first year there. I had my sone come with me to volunteer with me because I had hoped he would see what a wonderful thing it was. I lost my mom to lung cancer when my son was 19 days old. So, it touched me deeply to be a part of this as I am sure it did everyone that was there. I just wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job with these pictures and for someone that didn't make it there it would make them feel like they were a part of it. Thanks so much. See you again next year!
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